my sexdate

- and, not the score). Offer her champagne (good ask if she likes strawberries (good). Kiss her lips (good kiss her knee (bad lick her ear (bad). Not anal: Cum on her belly Cum on her face Say that this night was very special to you (good) Say that you were pretty awesome tonight (bad) Say there's no need for that. Click on the thumbnail above to play and click on read more for a walkthrough for "My sex date Paula".

Kiss her hand (good kiss her cheek (bad thank her and smile (good). Touch her panties under the skirt (bad). You know where she works (bad) Yes, ask for her number (good) Bonus pictures: p?goendingbonus_xxx Rankings: Armageddon, score 500 Epic disaster, score 1000 Bad date, score 1500 Nothing special, score 2000 Enjoyable moments, score 2500 A date to remember, score 3300 Ultimate date, score 3300. Put a hand on her thigh (good). Description : Emily, wow, what a girl. She has a great style, she's funny, attractive, super hot and also she's really naughty Your task is to use correct pick-up line and meet her after school. I do well as a music producer (bad). Ask her what she likes to do for fun (good). At the end you have blind links, if you select "play again you can play again without loading again the game.