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district where the south-flowing river takes a sharp northwestward turn. As this took place Vinger had a population of 6,257. In 1864, Eidskog was separated from Vinger, resulting in a population of 6,226. Verb edit vinger first-person singular present indicative of vingeren imperative of vingeren Middle Dutch edit Etymology edit From Old Dutch finger, from Proto-Germanic *fingraz. Noun edit vinger m finger finger, digit (unit of measure) Inflection edit This noun needs an inflection-table template.

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The square in front of the church was originally parade ground, but is now used for parking. The church was constructed in cruciform and has a seating capacity of 618. Kongsvinger in, hedmark, Norway. (Compare the Lithuanian word vngis m 'bend, bow, turn'.) Notable people edit Notable people that were born or lived in Vinger include: Jørgen Young (17811837 timber merchant and member of the Storting 4 References edit Coordinates : 601141N 120038E /.1947N.0106E /.1947;.0106). Vinger Church vinger kirke ) is a white painted wooden cruciform church dating from 1697. On Vinger together with. Contents, climate edit, vinger has a subarctic climate (Dfc). European route E16 which connects the village to, oslo approximately, a distance of about.

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